Pets love hearing aids (no really, they do)

To start out, in full disclosure, this author LOVES dogs and cats. And as much as I love them to pieces, sometimes they misbehave, even when I think I can trust them the most. (Just this week, for instance, my dog grabbed an entire sweet potato off the counter and ate half of it before we found it. But I …

Upcoming Holiday Hours

Please note our upcoming Christmas and New Year’s holiday hours. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas! #hearbeautifully #hearclearly #TheHearingCenterMCC

Hunting Season

Hunters, we know you need to hear the animal you’re tracking, but did you know you can hear them AND protect your hearing from loud gunshots at the same time? We can provide custom-made ear plugs for hunters of all types. Call our office at 850-474-8328 to schedule an appointment with an audiologist. Mention this ad for 10% off any …

Promise Garden Sponsorship

We received word today from Alzheimer’s Association regarding how our Promise Garden donation helped the community. A total of 14 businesses sponsored this year’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s, contributing $19,000 toward the event, all of which goes to Azlheimer’s care, support, and research. These funds contributed to over $65,000 in total donations, all benefiting the cause and providing education and …

Happy Holidays!

#hearbeautifully AND #hearclearly this holiday season with The Hearing Center! Thank you to BLABTV for a great video!

Thanksgiving Hours

So that we may spend time with our families and friends for the holiday, The Hearing Center will close at 2:00pm on Wednesday, 11/27/19, after our Walk-In Times, and we will return Monday, 12/2/19, to resume normal business hours. We wish you a wonderful holiday filled with love and thanks.

Walk to End Alzheimer’s 2019

We had the privilege of sponsoring the Promise Garden at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s on 11/3/19. Please enjoy these photos taken at the event, courtesy of our Clinical Assistant Amanda. It was a beautiful day supporting a wonderful cause. Untreated hearing loss may lead to cognitive decline, and we strongly encourage annual hearing evaluations to monitor your hearing status …