Pets love hearing aids (no really, they do)

To start out, in full disclosure, this author LOVES dogs and cats. And as much as I love them to pieces, sometimes they misbehave, even when I think I can trust them the most. (Just this week, for instance, my dog grabbed an entire sweet potato off the counter and ate half of it before we found it. But I digress).

So that leads me to my point: sometimes, even the best pets are just naughty.

Your pets love everything about you, even your hearing aids. And if given the chance, they may destroy your hearing aids because, frankly, they taste like you.

We recommend keeping your hearing aids and accessories away from your pets. You may think it won’t happen to you, or you may feel embarrassed that it has happened to you, but honestly, it happens all the time! Take a look at the evidence here:

Don’t contribute to our box!

We receive a few calls a week about pets destroying hearing aids. We don’t want that to be you! It’s an expensive replacement that can certainly be avoided, so believe us when we say to keep them out of your pup’s reach.