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Are sounds, such as ringing or buzzing in your ears, driving you crazy, making it hard to concentrate, or causing you to lose sleep?

One of the most common hearing-related issues experienced by millions of Americans is tinnitus, which can be associated with hearing loss, but it can also exist on its own, causing stress, decreased productivity, and wreaking havoc on your quality of life.

The Hearing Center MCC hearing care experts near Mary Esther, FL have addressed the needs of multiple generations and tens of thousands of patients in Northwest Florida for more than 45 years. Getting an accurate diagnosis of your condition so you can make better decisions regarding the future of your hearing health is in the hands of our team of audiologists who has the experience and expertise to address any health challenge related to your ears.

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Hearing Assessments Are The First Step Toward Better Hearing

There is no single cause or cure for tinnitus, but it is often a symptom of damage to your ears or hearing loss. Consequently, one of the most important steps in finding a solution to the ringing or buzzing you are experiencing is to schedule a hearing assessment with a hearing care expert.

The objective of our doctors of audiology is to identify your hearing loss as early as possible in order to prevent further damage and allow you to continue living an active, independent lifestyle, so we urge you to schedule an annual hearing assessment if you are age 50 or over. A hearing assessment in our Gulf Breeze clinic will only take up about 30 minutes of your time and provide you with instant feedback regarding your hearing health and your available treatment options.

Delivering Advanced Hearing Aid Technology For Mary Esther

Does the image of an ugly, bulky, frustrating gadget worn by your parents or grandparents come to mind when you think about hearing aids? That outdated stigma can be erased from your mind because today’s advanced hearing instruments are lighter, smaller, and more powerful than in decades past, and many of them come with connectivity options that allow you to link them directly to your smartphone, television, or PC for an enhanced hearing experience.

When our patients require a more advanced hearing solution available through cochlear implant technology, your audiologists near Mary Esther have you covered. Our Hearing Center MCC team performs initial and follow-up CI MAPping on Cochlear Americas, Advanced Bionics, and Med-El, the only three approved cochlear implant models manufactured today.

Tinnitus And Balance Disorder Assessments

Does the ringing in your ears cause greater stress, loss of sleep, and make it difficult to concentrate on daily tasks? About 15% of the US population struggle with the same issues related to tinnitus, which is why our hearing care experts near Mary Esther also specialize in tinnitus assessment and management in order to limit its impact on your day-to-day life.

Damage to your inner ears not only affects your hearing, but it can also make it difficult to maintain your balance or cause you to experience frequent dizziness and vertigo every time you move. To help you to remain steady on your feet, our doctors of audiology use their experience and advanced testing equipment, such as Videonystagmography (VNG), to assess and develop personalized solutions, such as VTR, to address your balance challenges.

The Safety And Convenience Of Virtual Audiology For Mary Esther

Your health and safety is a primary concern for us, so we observe strict sanitation protocols whether you receive treatment for hearing loss, tinnitus, or balance challenges.

Hearing Center MCC also offers virtual audiology appointments so you can connect with one of our hearing care experts near Mary Esther, whenever a consultation to our Gulf Breeze clinic is inconvenient due to health, scheduling, travel, or any other type of challenge you might have.


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What Our Delighted Patients Say

  • Amazing technology, great people. Highly recommend.

    Christi Lewis Colvin
  • Kind and compassionate and caring!! The Hearing Center makes you feel like you are important and their expertise is unparalleled

    Nancy Holmes Fridge
  • I just wanted to give a shout out to Dr. Jennifer LaBorde. I want to thank her for being so understanding of my hearing aid needs and how it can physically affect me when it comes to "making a change" with new aids. Tho I have not order new aids yet, Jennifer seems to completely understand how "changes" affect me. She is so understanding and and patient, and does not make fun of me when I explain how nervous I get when it comes time to get new aids. Not many other audiologist is as patient and understanding as she is. Just wanted to give her a big THANK YOU!

    Linda Whisler
  • Thank u Jennifer, for allowing my child to hear the early morning birds most people take for granted. Your kind and caring heart with your unique perspective has given my child a new life. We can never thank u enough!!

    Melissa Kay Gibson

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Whether you’re concerned about your hearing or a loved one’s hearing, it’s often the small questions and challenges that prevent us from making critical decisions to change. That’s why we have a team of hearing experts available to help. Simply complete this form and one of our experts will call you back shortly for a friendly no-obligation conversation to answer any questions that you may have.

I enjoy my life much more with my hearing back intact


The first time I noticed signs of a hearing loss was back when I was with the Memphis Police Force on the first anti-sniper unit (SWAT) team. Shooting many rounds of guns a week led to ringing in my ears, which it seemed was the start of my hearing loss.
The Hearing Center is the very best in the business. They were the most helpful in the profession that I had seen.
Since getting my hearing aids, I have no regrets. I enjoy my life much more with my hearing back intact.
If you are considering using The Hearing Center, expect to be impressed by the best in the hearing aid business. It’s wonderful to hear well again and I can’t thank them enough.
Bobby Bridges


I was very impressed. The people were friendly and knowledgable.


I first noticed my hearing loss when I was having to ask people to repeat themselves a lot. I decided to get my first hearing test and I was very impressed with the service from The Hearing Center. The people were friendly and knowledgeable.
Now, I would not be able to cope without my hearing aids. I can now carry a conversation.
I can highly recommend seeking help from The Hearing Center if you are struggling with a hearing loss.
Edward Cohen


I can hear my kids playing, I feel less tired, and I have more energy!

My hearing loss started when I was just 10 years old as a result of multiple ear infections. I was really struggling to hear, and as a result, I had to have a lot of ear construction to save my hearing. I was told that I would never be able to hear certain tones again.
For many years, I was living in a world of isolation and I believed that there was no way that I would get all of my hearing back. I had an opinion that hearing aids were for older people.
When I first approached The Hearing Center, everyone was very warm and welcoming, and it did not matter how many questions I had. They answered them and were very patient with me.
They fitted me with hearing aids and the results have been life-changing. I can hear my children. They can no longer come up behind me and scare me! I feel less tired, I have more energy, and as a result, I am losing weight.
Getting help with my hearing from The Hearing Center was the best thing I ever did!
Natasha Hastings

The Hearing Center truly cares about helping me.



I have visited many different hearing care providers over the years but none compare to the level of care I have received from Dr. LaBorde and the staff at The Hearing Center.
I can honestly say they have changed my life by helping me to regain hearing clarity. I highly recommend them.
Robert Sullivan