A Simple Guide to Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids represent a significant investment, so making sure that they stay in optimal working order requires proper maintenance and cleaning. As an audiologist, my focus is on ensuring that my patients are getting the most out of their hearing aids. As a part of that commitment, I invest effort into education about how to care for your hearing aids. Here is a simple guide to cleaning your hearing aids, which should help them function as designed.

Gather the Right Tools

Cleaning tools are an essential part of proper cleaning and maintenance. The list of tools you should have on hand for cleaning include:

  • Soft Brush (a soft bristled toothbrush will work if necessary)
  • Wax Pick (multi-tools with a wax pick and brush are available)
  • Soft Towel (a soft place to land if you should drop it during cleaning)
  • Bulb Blower (found in camera shops)

Steps to Cleaning Your Hearing Aid

  1. Lay out a soft towel over a table or other hard surface to protect your hearing aid should it fall out of your hands during cleaning.
  2. Hold your device with openings facing downward. Use a soft brush to clear away built up wax or debris.
  3. Debris or built up wax, which does not come free from holes, cracks, and crevices using the brush, might require the use of the pick to help remove it.
  4. Check the wax filter and replace it if necessary.
  5. Examine the casing for damage and bring it to us if you see cracks or wearing.

Cleaning Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

  1. To clean this style of hearing aid requires detaching the earmold from the earhook.
  2. Clean each part using the same steps as for other hearing aids listed above.
  3. Clean your earmold using gentle soap and water. DO NOT use alcohol or any cleaning solvents as this will damage the device.
  4. Make sure that your earmolds have plenty of time to dry before use and use a bulb blower to blow out any excess moisture.
  5. Inspect the unit for damage as you work and reassemble it for use.

The Senior List provides additional advice on how to clean your hearing aids if you need more help.

Tips for Hearing Aid Care

In addition to cleaning your hearing aids, some common tips to extend the longevity of your hearing aid investment, include:

  • Insert your hearing aids as the final step to your morning routine to prevent damage from water, hair products, and other problems.
  • Do not wear them in the shower, pool, hot tub, sauna, or in the water at the beach.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or alcohol for cleaning.
  • Do not expose them to temperature extremes such as the dashboard of a car or wearing them in sub-zero weather.
  • Protect them from pets and children when not in use by placing them in a case or container.
  • Clean and inspect them regularly, and bring them in for maintenance and repair rather than attempting to fix them yourself.

Our Walk In Hours

We provide special walk in hours throughout the week so that our patients can bring their hearing aids in for maintenance, batteries, or repairs without having to make an appointment. Take advantage of these times if you have any questions or concerns related to the cleaning, care, and performance of your hearing aids. Also take advantage of the Premium Care Program at the Hearing Center of Medical Center Clinic to ensure that your investment will last as long as possible. The team and I are always here to answer questions or help guide you through the cleaning process. Contact us for further assistance or to set an appointment for additional care.


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Margaret Richards Au.D., CCC-A

Originally from Mobile, AL, Dr. Margaret Richards graduated with a bachelor’s of science in communication disorders from Auburn University in 2010 and obtained her doctorate of audiology from the University of South Alabama in 2014; in addition, she holds a certificate of clinical competence in audiology.
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