Resolving Sound And Connectivity Issues With The iPhone 12

12/21/2020 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology | 0 comments

At The Hearing Center MCC, my colleagues and I are committed to providing overall hearing care that enhances relationships, independence, and quality of life.

Experiencing hearing aid problems with your smartphone can have a negative impact on each of these areas.

If you’re a hearing aid user who has upgraded to the new iPhone 12, you may be experiencing problems with Bluetooth connectivity and sound quality. Let’s take a closer look at these problems. Then we’ll talk about what you can do about them.

What Hearing Aid Users Are Saying About The iPhone 12

I know how it is frustrating for the sound to cut out in the middle of a phone call or while you’re streaming audio. Unfortunately, users report they have that experience regularly when they pair their hearing aids with the iPhone 12. Several users have said the slightest movement causes them to lose their Bluetooth connection.

Users also describe hearing garbled audio or loud static through one or both hearing aids.

Shortly after the smartphone’s release, people began reaching out on the Apple discussion forum to find out if others had hearing aid problems with the iPhone 12.

They found their misery had a lot of company. Most users shared the issues and exasperation that the following users describe.

“The phone connects to my new Oticon hearing aids, but there was immediately static in the left ear whenever I get a notification or close the phone. It’s now bounced to the right ear and is extremely annoying, to the point that I have to turn off my Bluetooth so I can use my phone peacefully.”

“I just got an Iphone12…My mini RITE G500 Hearing aids are causing me a problem. The left ear device is creating an extreme amount of static, very painful. I am also having connection problems at times. If I turn my head at times, it cuts out my sound. I am very dissatisfied with the disruption this causes.”

What’s The Source Of These Problems?

Since you may not have been aware other hearing aid users were having problems with the iPhone 12, you may have wondered whether the problem could be with your hearing aids.

Perhaps you’ve even tried troubleshooting your hearing aids to resolve these issues.

As an audiologist who regularly addresses hearing aid problems, I want to assure you your hearing aids are not the reason you’re experiencing poor sound quality or connectivity problems with your iPhone 12.

The problems seem to originate with either iOS 14, the recent update to the operating software for Apple mobile devices, or the smartphone itself.

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Has Apple Responded To Hearing Aid Users’ Complaints?

After numerous hearing aid users contacted Apple for relief, the tech giant announced it would address their concerns in a future update to iOS 14.

A recent notification on Apple’s support page says hearing aid users should update their iPhone 12 to iOS 14.2.1 or later to resolve these issues.

For decades, our team at The Hearing Center MCC has been solving hearing aid problems for Northwest Florida residents. My colleagues and I don’t want you to struggle with hearing aid problems and the quality of life issues that come with them.

Our full range of hearing aid services includes cleaning and repair.

Contact us for assistance with any hearing aid issues.

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Margaret Richards Au.D., CCC-A

Originally from Mobile, AL, Dr. Margaret Richards graduated with a bachelor’s of science in communication disorders from Auburn University in 2010 and obtained her doctorate of audiology from the University of South Alabama in 2014; in addition, she holds a certificate of clinical competence in audiology.
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