How We’re Protecting Your Hearing at The Blue Angels Air Show

07/02/2020 | News, Patient Resources | 0 comments

Pulling off death-defying maneuvers at 700 mph, hometown heroes the Blue Angels are icons within the Pensacola community.

Made up of hot-shot Navy pilots, the skill they demonstrate at their annual show – taking place 8-11 July – brings-in crowds from across Florida.

Due to the global pandemic, social distancing measures will be in place at this year’s event, in line with the Center for Disease Control guidelines.

But this won’t dampen the spectacle. And as always, The Hearing Center will be playing its part in this exhibition by protecting your hearing.

 A sight for sore eyes – and ears!

While the sight of the F/A-18 Hornet jets shooting through the sky is incredibly impressive, the noise they make is less welcome for your hearing.

Flying overhead, they can produce sounds reaching 100 to 115 decibels. In small doses, you should be fine. But we think it’s always worth taking precautions!

That’s because noise exposure hearing loss – where you experience sounds above a safe threshold – is one of the most common ways your ears can be permanently damaged.

Most people who are affected by this work in industries where they’re constantly hearing the sounds of heavy machinery or small explosions.

But in some cases, one-off events, such as the sound of gunfire close to your ear, can damage your hearing for the rest of your life.

How we’re making a difference

To help support our ‘Boys in Blue’ this July, we’ll be supplying hearing protection devices to thousands of those at the event.

This protection is particularly important if you have a hearing loss. But anyone who attends, young or old, should make sure they’re taking the right precautions.

This is just one of the ways we’re working hard to prevent hearing loss in the community – a crucial tool in fighting long-term health issues.

We hope you have an amazing time! Reach out to us on Facebook or call us at the office if you would like to hear more about our free hearing protection devices for the show!

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Margaret Richards Au.D., CCC-A

Originally from Mobile, AL, Dr. Margaret Richards graduated with a bachelor’s of science in communication disorders from Auburn University in 2010 and obtained her doctorate of audiology from the University of South Alabama in 2014; in addition, she holds a certificate of clinical competence in audiology.
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