What Happens At A Hearing Assessment? A Walkthrough

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A comprehensive hearing test is the first step to better hearing health.

Here at The Hearing Center at MCC, we have carried out hearing assessments for more than 45 years, but many of those who come to see us for the first time are nervous about what happens and don’t know what to expect.

Because of that, I’d like to explain the process, so you’ll know in advance what happens during a hearing assessment.

When you come for a hearing assessment, you can expect:

  1. A friendly discussion
  2. A physical look at your ears
  3. A hearing check of how well you hear certain sounds and words
  4. A hearing check of how your inner ear responds to sounds and tones
  5. Discussion of the results
  6. A conversation about the next steps

We welcome our patients as family, and you can expect to have an honest, trusting, and professional relationship with our expert audiologists, and the rest of our amazing team, for your hearing journey. Our focus is on you from the minute you walk in the door.

Hearing assessment

1.   A Conversation

You’ll begin with a relaxing conversation with one of our audiologists about anything you have noticed about your hearing and any concerns you might have about it.

We’ll also talk about your medical and family history, medications you are taking, your current day-to-day lifestyle, and your hearing needs.

In the same vein, this is a time for you to ask all your questions about hearing loss, the hearing assessment, and what treatment might consist of.

Even though you will have entered much of this on your initial paperwork, this honest communication on both sides helps us to get to know each other and build trust and confidence at this start of your healthier hearing journey.

It also helps us to get an accurate picture of what your unique treatment plan might look like should we find you have a hearing loss.

2.   Physical Observation

As we do this, we are looking at the overall health of your ear canal. We will look for anything in your ear canal that might be blocking sound such as wax buildup, a cyst or foreign object, or inflammation.

3.   Hearing Check

You will sit in our comfortable sound booth with headphones on, and we will send different sounds, words, and frequencies through the headphones to assess how much you hear and how clearly you hear them. We will also test your hearing of these sounds and words with different levels and types of background noise.

4.   Inner Ear Check

We will test for the type of hearing loss you might have: conductive, sensorineural, or both.

We will also test the health of your eardrum and inner ear by seeing their response to sounds and tones placed directly into your ear canal.

5.   Discussion Of The Results

Once the hearing test is done, we will have the results available immediately. We’ll discuss these with you and explain them in an understandable way, so you can know exactly what level of hearing you have and what types of hearing challenges you might face.

If your hearing is normal, we’ll talk about how to maintain your hearing health and prevent any future hearing damage.

6.   Discussion Of Treatment Options

We’ll ask for your input on any of our recommendations because you should always have a voice in the treatment options. If our recommendations include hearing devices, we will explain the benefits of different options so you can make a choice that best suits your unique circumstances, lifestyle, and budget.

No matter what aspect of your hearing, or that of a loved one, you are concerned about, we are here to help you to make the right decisions for the future of your hearing health.

In Summary

The Hearing Center at Medical Center Clinic is well regarded as having the Florida Panhandle’s most trusted audiological experts. Having served tens of thousands of patients in every age group, multiple generations of families, and countless organizations, you can be confident that you are in good hands.

If you live in the Pensacola community, begin the path to better hearing today by filling out our form and scheduling a hearing assessment. We have a location in both Pensacola and Gulf Breeze for your convenience.

Or contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you and empowering your journey to better hearing.

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Mindy Stejskal M.C.D., CCC-A

Mindy Stejskal joined Medical Center Clinic as an audiologist in 2009. Prior to working for Medical Center Clinic, she practiced for 6 years in Alabama as an audiologist. Mindy received her bachelor’s of science in communication disorders and her master’s of communication disorders from Auburn University, and she holds a certificate of clinical competence in audiology. Mindy has advanced her knowledge in the field of tinnitus and Zen therapy for patients suffering from tinnitus, and she holds an affiliation with the American Tinnitus Association.
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