Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

Comprehensive Hearing Healthcare Begins with a Comprehensive Hearing Assessment


Better hearing health is impossible unless you know what challenges lie ahead. The first essential step on the path to better hearing begins with a comprehensive hearing assessment. The comprehensive hearing assessment provided by The Hearing Center of MCC starts off with a personal, professional consultation.

Trusting us begins with honesty and transparency. We want you to know exactly what to expect from us, so your consultation will include a thorough rundown of our processes.

Our compassionate, professional audiologist will ask some questions and listen to your hearing loss concerns while reviewing your medical history and family history, medications you might be taking, your lifestyle, and the goals you have for better hearing. Your consultation provides us with a common starting point, establishing honest communication and confidence as we begin the journey to healthier hearing.

After your consultation, we will conduct a hearing assessment. Our objective with these tests is to establish a baseline against which we can assess your progress, form a treatment plan, and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment, regardless of the intervention options we pursue. Your hearing assessment could include

  • Physical observation (looking for inflammation, growths, wax buildup, etc.)
  • Pure-tone diagnostic assessment (transmitting different tones and frequencies through headphones)
  • Speech testing (identifying your speech reception threshold and word understanding ability in quiet and noise)
  • Tympanometry testing (a puff of air to assess fluid on the ear, perforated eardrum, etc.)
  • Acoustic reflex tests (evaluates how the middle ear reacts to sounds)

Initial evaluations from your hearing assessment provide us with the information necessary for diagnosing your hearing capacity and prescribing treatment.

As part of our commitment to educating our patients, your audiologist will walk you through the test data and explain the meaning of each item. Any required decision-making processes will require your input, allowing you to have a voice in the treatment options and hearing device choices that best suit your unique circumstances, lifestyle, and budget.

The primary commitment of The Hearing Center team, regardless of the treatment option or device selected, is to provide continuous follow-up care, building your confidence and delivering the highest standard of hearing healthcare you can expect to find in the Pensacola community.

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Lori Wagner
Finding the right audiologist for my hearing impaired daughter has made all the difference in the world for her! Highly recommend this place!

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Comprehensive hearing care cannot happen without a comprehensive hearing assessment. If you strain to hear phone conversations, notice that you are turning up the volume more often, or cannot make out what others say when there is background noise, you could be experiencing a hearing loss.

There is no better time than today to start down the path to better hearing by filling out our form and scheduling a hearing assessment.

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