Valarie Nuetzman

Practice Coordinator

Valarie joined The Hearing Center in June 2020. She brings years of experience working in healthcare in pediatrics at a local hospital. The skills and knowledge acquired throughout these experiences help Valarie fulfill her role at The Hearing Center to the fullest. Even with experience, she is constantly learning as the medical field changes.

The best part of her job is getting to interact with our patients. Whether it’s a quick conversation asking how they are doing, a “hello” in passing, or answering questions they may have, she enjoys getting to help the patient through their hearing journey, even in small ways.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and grandson. She is also a very talented seamstress and is skillful at smocking; She loves working with her hands!

Valarie Nuetzman, Practice Coordinator at The Hearing Center of MCC

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